The Story of MAJIMAX

MAJIMAX is a health news website started by Max Fischer. Max Fischer is currently an author for The Huffington Post, BBC News, The Verge (VOX Media), and Max is a full-time student looking to share his thoughts on the latest health trends, but does not limit himself to that. MAJIMAX will discuss everything to do with health, and posts will discuss topics that are hot in the news. Max is currently majoring in┬áhealth care administration at the University of Toronto and can provide his insight on the topic with facts, not just fluff and hype like most “health blogs” do.

An example topic would be the benefits of supplements such as forskolin and garcinia cambogia. Although these supplements are promoted on television shows, internet advertisements, and e-mail, are they really that safe? Max has hired fellow students to help update MAJIMAX to ensure that relevant, accurate, and insightful articles on health are posted.

While MAJIMAX will try to keep a focus on health news, there may be other articles posted that are relevant to current news situations and have a connection to health. Stay tuned for more content on MAJIMAX in the coming weeks!